I hope that your holiday festivities were joyful and loving! I’m just starting to come down from all the excitement of the holiday and find myself in a contemplative state of mind as the new year is quickly approaching. We have worked so hard this year; taking care of our family, friends, maintaining relationships, work obligations, meeting deadlines, checking off personal goals, the list can go on and on. It’s time to slow down, take stock of where we’ve been in the past year, honor all the hard work we have done, appreciate the lessons we learned and make way for the new.

Shawna of NeoFeminine Astrology, Jessica of JessKay Designs and myself have created a special evening of  intention setting, self-care, astrological insights, and most importantly… sisterhood.

“Women united in spiritual circles will awaken the wisdom in each other’s spirit”


If you are thinking of joining us, here’s what you can expect…..

  • Guided Meditation to support you in reconnecting to your self and your body. With all the holiday travels and food and celebrations we can easily loose touch with our body’s needs. Take this time to reconnect with yourself and step into 2018 with a mindful awareness of your mind and body. We will also release old patterns and honor lessons learned from 2017.
  • Journaling to get crystal clear on your intentions for 2018!
  • Astrological insights that will prepare us for the coming year
  • Crystal healing to support us in deepening our connection to our intentions. You will go home with your own crystal charged with your intention for 2018.

We would love to have you join us. Click here to reserve your spot, our cozy space is filling up quickly!


Gina, Shawna and Jessica