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Gina Janc | Founder
Gina Janc | Founder

Welcome to Bring Back the Village

I’m so glad you’re here. I know how vulnerable it can feel asking for help, especially when it comes to parenting. Many of us enter motherhood with the expectation that it would be different than what it is.  You may feel conflicted with emotions of joy, exhaustion, frustration, and love. You may be grieving the freedom of your life before baby. You may find yourself triggered by your child’s behavior and at a loss of how to manage it all. Motherhood can be overwhelming and confusing, we’re not meant to do it alone.

After the birth of our daughter, I was inspired to create Bring Back the Village, to support women and families. I understand the challenges of Modern Motherhood and would be honored to be your guide. I offer holistic, compassionate guidance to help you feel integrated and empowered to navigate the challenges and embrace the joys of motherhood. I got you, mama! 

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