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Gina Janc | Founder
Gina Janc | Founder

Welcome to Bring Back the Village

After the birth of our daughter, Ella, I was inspired to create Bring Back the Village, to provide therapeutic support for women and their families as they prepare for the transition to parenthood. Parenting is no easy task.  As women we undergo a profound transformation spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This transition, while exhilarating and joyful, can easily become overwhelming.  We would certainly welcome and embrace a nurturing and empathetic network of support.  It is so important to nurture ourselves and our relationships in order that we may provide a stable and loving environment in which our children will thrive. It is my intention to provide therapeutic support and guidance that will enable you to navigate the terrain of parenthood, feel prepared for the “bumps” along the way and embrace the joyful moments together as a family.

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