Podcast Recording

I had such a great time talking with Julia from A Podcast For Moms. We had great conversation about motherhood, pandemic parenting, step parenting and how to stay present and grounded when things get tough. I’m so happy to share it with you all! I value honest and vulnerable conversations, I  mean, isn’t that what motherhood asks of us? When we find the courage to be honest and vulnerable we often find hidden strengths and gifts. Sharing helps us feel less alone, it helps us build community and heal. I hope this episode inspires you to tap into your mothering gifts and strengths. You can listen in on our conversation, EP 15: Making Peace with What Is and Bringing Back the Village with Gina Janc, LMFT  HERE.

A Gift for you!

Prenatal Bonding E-Course Special Offer

In the spirit of giving, I’m happy to offer a discount to my Prenatal Bonding E-Course for $29.00 (regularly $49.99). Pregnancy is the prefect time to start bonding with your baby!  This course is an opportunity for pregnant couples to connect and communicate with your baby, develop ways to manage stress and connect to your intuition. The course is experiential and incorporates guided visualization, art, journaling and mindfulness practices. Not every woman experiences a blissful pregnancy, whether it’s nausea, body changes, fear or anxiety around becoming a parent this course is designed to provide you with tools to navigate those stressors and feel resourced.  We spend so much time preparing for baby that it’s easy to forget about tending to our own needs as we transition to motherhood. You and your partner AND your baby deserve this time together. You can access the course HERE and enter in the discount code: FORMOMS. This promo code will be good until December 31. You can read more about the Prenatal Bonding Course HERE .