I recently re-listened to an Atomic Mom’s Podcast that featured Dr.Britta Bushnell. You can listen to it HERE.  In her interview she describes the rite of passage into motherhood as a practice in being “open to the unbidden”, to embrace the unexpected. Motherhood demands we create space for whatever shows up, whether we like it or not! There is no prescribed approach, no set of rules to follow. It’s raw and primal and exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. 

It requires softness, slowing down, listening to your intuition and trusting your body. This is true for any stage of parenting; newborn, school age, teenagers. This slowing down is challenging in our fast paced society. 

It means facing your insecurities, unpacking “baggage” and knowing that you can’t do it alone all the time. It is embracing the “I never knew I could love someone this much” parenting moments and forgiving yourself for the times you parent from your ego. It can be a visit to a therapist’s office, a mom group, a reiki session, a yoga class, a late night bath (alone).

Some days it is self-doubt, “Am I doing too much or not enough?” “Am I doing it right?”. But then you pause, lean into the moment, breathe deeply, pull your child in close and as your eye’s meet you can feel their spirit. You can see the bright, promising future that lies ahead. You repeat to yourself, “We are exactly where we need to be, we will be ok”. Always grateful for those who came before us, grateful for what is, and grateful for what will be.

Motherhood is no easy task. It takes a village.


Other News and Updates

Our next Parent Ceremony will be on February 22nd in Encinitas! A unique opportunity for pregnant couples to come together, practice that slowing down I referred to above, learn grounding practices, honor their parenting gifts, share wishes for their baby and end with a celebratory feast. To learn more about this offering click here. We’re excited to announce that we will be offering Parent Ceremonies for postpartum coupes with babes in arm. Dates to follow!

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