End of Summer got you stressed?

Here are 4 tips to keep your cool

The dreaded end of summer can trigger stress as we anticipate back to school and the hectic holiday months. For those of us in the parenting season of life, the end of summer marks the beginning of a new school year, new milestones, new developmental needs, homework, sports, etc. There may be mixed feelings of grief and joy around watching our children grow another year older. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the start of a new season can trigger grief as you prepare for new experiences without your loved one.  Whatever season of life you’re in, here are some tips to help keep your cool.

1. Chill Out. Stay Present

The truth of the present moment is all there is. It’s so easy to get caught up in the what if’s and should have’s, which only leads us down a path of regret and anxiety. When we honor things as they are it opens us to our inner wisdom and insight. If sadness is present, honor that, ask your sadness if it could speak what would it say? If you’re experiencing anxious thoughts, honor those, and imagine it had a voice, what would it say? You may be surprised by what comes up for you! Perhaps there is regret about not accomplishing all you set out to do this summer or maybe it’s the unknown of coming months that have you feeling anxious. Allow space to feel those feelings, create goals and an action plan to help you move forward.

2. Get Creative With It!

A creative outlet, such as journaling or art, helps release your emotions, reduce stress and gain insight. Journaling is a way to move the energy of your emotions from inside your body onto paper. It helps organize your thoughts, still the mind and relieve stress. Make a scrapbook of your summer memories or create a vision board of what you hope to accomplish in the fall. Click HERE for journaling prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Prioritize Self Care

Be gentle with yourself! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, make self care a priority not just today but in the future. Identify ways you can maintain self care throughout the year, whether it’s a regular massage, a girls night out, or a date night with your partner after the kids fall asleep (Netflix and Chill). Prioritizing your mental health and emotional well being is the foundation for a healthy future. If finding a therapist is on your list and you live in California or New Jersey, click here to schedule a free intro call.

4. Create a Family Tradition

Honor the end of the summer with a family tradition. Plan a staycation, get together with friends/family, get out the calendar and create a list of activities you are looking forward in the coming months, reflect on your experiences this summer and share what you all loved most, take a family picture in the same place each year, whatever you come up with make it something that brings you joy!