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Let’s go for a “Walk and Talk”

Walk and Talk therapy combines traditional talk therapy with the rhythmic movement of walking. This approach allows you to explore issues of concern while in the grounding presence of nature. It is especially helpful for new moms who have the option of brining baby along for the walk.


“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” -John Muir


Here are some frequently asked questions about Walk and Talk Therapy…

  1. How does Walk and Talk therapy differ from traditional talk therapy?
    This will be conducted like a typical therapy session the only difference being that we will be walking in nature. We will explore and process areas of concern as we would in the office.
  2. Is this a cardio session?
    No, I am not a personal trainer and will not be engaging in a strenuous workout with you. The focus will be on the therapy. I will let you set the pace.
  3. What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing and walking shoes. You will find me in the same.
  4. What about the weather?
    We are lucky to live in sunny San Diego and bad weather is typically not an issue. However, in the event in inclement weather we can reschedule or move the session to my office or your home
  5. Where do we meet for Walk and Talk sessions?
    Our initial session will take place in my office or your home. If we decide that walk and talk sessions are right for you then we will meet at the serene and peaceful Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad.
  6. What about confidentiality?
    If we run into someone you know on our walk I will follow your lead as to whether or not you wish to acknowledge me as your therapist.

If you’re interested to learn more and want to know if Walk and Talk therapy is right for you visit my Let’s Connect page.


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