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Prenatal Bonding 2018-03-01T13:51:40-08:00

Congratulations! Whether you are expecting your first baby or expanding your family, you are about to transition to a new way of being. Now is the perfect time to prepare.

Pregnancy is the perfect time you and your partner can begin nurturing a relationship with your baby. Prenates are conscious and sentient beings who have experiences in the womb. These experiences influence the way they feel about themselves and the world they are about to be born into. Communicating with your baby is a beautiful way to help them feel acknowledged, wanted and loved before they’re even born! 

In this 4 week workshop you will explore each trimester of pregnancy and the unique developments at each stage as well as ways to communicate with and stay connected to your baby. You will gain insight into your own thoughts and feelings about conception, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. This experiential workshop will give you insight into your own birth experience, techniques to connect with your baby,  ways to manage stress, experiential practices to keep you feeling grounded (guided meditation/art/journaling). Through this experience you will connect with like-minded parents to be, foster a deeper connection with your partner and deepen your intuition and trust in your body.

In This Prenatal Bonding Workshop We Will Explore:

  • How to develop a secure attachment with your baby
  • How to communicate with your baby
  • Honor the spirituality and sacredness of pregnancy
  • Ways to manage stress during pregnancy
  • Explore your own birth history
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Tuesday evening’s March 13th-April 3rd to register click here

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Interested in attending a workshop, or just want to get some additional information? Send us a message!

”The life of a mother is the life of a child: you are two blossoms on a single branch.”
–Karen Maezen Miller

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