Hello loves,

It’s late evening as I sit here typing on the floor my new home surrounded by boxes and so many unfinished projects it’s making my head spin. These past few weeks have been a transitional time ripe with unpredictable creative energy. It’s funny how chaos can inspire creativity, it’s as if the universe breaks us free from stagnation and grants us permission to think outside the box. With that being said, I have some new ideas and inspiration to share with you! In the coming months I will be offering the following…


Teen Talk-A Girl’s Group: 

Teen Talk will be coming to Encinitas! This group is appropriate for girls ages 13-17. It will be an interactive and engaging group where we will explore ways to manage everyday life stressors, maintain healthy relationships with self and others, practice healthy self-expression and explore nurturing coping skills. Teens will go home with their own tea blend, essential oil blend and maybe a new friendship or two! Starting September 18th. Sign up here.


 Starseed: Prenatal Bonding Journey

Did you know you can start bonding with your baby during pregnancy?  Your growing baby is aware, can hear, feel and even have experiences in the womb. Prenatal bonding has been shown to support healthy attachment between mom/partner and baby, reduce stress, help heal prenatal traumas and support a mindful awareness of your baby’s growth and development in utero. This 4 week class for couples will support you in deepening your connection to your baby, strengthen your bond with your partner and embrace pregnancy from a holistic and spiritual perspective. Starting on Sunday, October 22nd.


Seedlings: Parent/Infant Bonding Classes

Not your average mommy and me class. In this 8 week class we will create a supportive, nurturing environment and explore the unique bond between mother and child inspired by holistic wellness practices,  Attachment Parenting Principles and RIE Basic Principles, and mindfulness based practices. Starting in the fall, details to follow.

I’ll be sending out more details on dates/times for the workshops soon! If you have any questions in the meantime email me at gina@bringbackthevillage.org. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

xo, Gina