Happy February, the month of love and connection! While I’m not a big fan of “Hallmark Card Holidays”, I must admit that I love celebrating LOVE! And not just romantic love… I’m talking about the love you feel after seeing a friend for the first time in weeks, the love that’s felt in the simple exchange you have with your barista as you wait for coffee or that deep love you feel for the lady in Target who sees you struggling with your tantrumming toddler and walks out of her way to help you (true story). It’s about feeling connected, seen, understood, validated and it’s essential to our survival. In fact, this need for connection begins in utero before we’re even born! Connecting with your baby during pregnancy sets the stage for a secure and healthy relationship between mama, baby and the father/partner. Check out this article I wrote for Sakura Bloom all about the importance of prenatal bonding here.

As we move into this month of LOVE, I encourage you to look beyond romantic love and celebrate moments of connectedness with other beings;  extend a helping hand, call a friend to express your gratitude, give a compliment to a stranger. This is the kind of love we need to keep our world a happy and safe place for our babies.

I’m excited to share my upcoming workshop for expectant families….

Prenatal Bonding

In this 4 week workshop you will explore each trimester of pregnancy and the unique developments at each stage as well as ways to communicate with and stay connected to your baby. You will gain insight into your own thoughts and feelings about conception, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. This experiential workshop will give you insight into your own birth experience, techniques to connect with your baby,  ways to manage stress, experiential practices to keep you feeling grounded (guided meditation/art/journaling). Through this experience you will connect with like-minded parents to be, foster a deeper connection with your partner and deepen your intuition and trust in your body.

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I currently have openings for individual sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I’m here to support you wherever you are in your parenting journey. You don’t have to do motherhood alone.