Dear Friends,

These are some strange times. As you read this I hope you are safe, healthy and at ease. Though, I image, you are likely experiencing a wide range of emotions as we navigate these rough seas. There is a lot of collective fear happening in our society right now, understandably so. These are unprecedented times filled with so much uncertainty. We know that fear can be a useful tool, it can propel us to take right action. However, it can also take over getting in the way of our self care. We don’t want to get stuck in our fear, for this reason it can be helpful to have practices that allow us to move through our feelings. I have included a guided meditation below that focuses on inviting a sense of peacefulness, contentment and serenity. I hope you find this mediation soothing during these challenging times.

In peace and health,


  • This is not a substitute for therapy. If you need support please don’t hesitate to reach out or try or to find a therapist.