I’m back! I apologize for my absence from social media and blog posts. I just returned from a deeply expansive and healing retreat.  And while I can say that I walked away from the experience with helpful tools that I can use in both my personal and professional life, the greatest gift was found in simply “holding space” for one another. It is the connection, the compassion and the validation that we are seeking. Our paths may be different but we all desire to be seen, to be felt, to be heard, and to be loved.

As the holiday season approaches I am anticipating the impending chaos  (think freeway traffic and shopping centers packed with crazy consumers) AND I sense the desire to connect (think cuddling on the couch with hot coco, enjoying family dinners and the spirit of gift giving). It can be hard to hold space for both the chaos AND connection.  This is where we lose ourselves; we forget our intentions, we get lost in the moment and end up feeling overwhelmed and dysregulated. At Bring Back the Village we will guide you toward a place of  compassion and self-care during this holiday season with the following offerings…

  • Women’s circles to hold space for #allthefeels through journaling, breath work, essential oils and crystals.
  • End of year ritual to honor your accomplishments/challenges in the past year, release what no longer serves us and welcome in the new year through journaling/meditation and ritual.
  • Vision Boarding: utilizing the invigorating energy of the new year we will set intentions with the use of a visual inspiration board with the use of the Bagua, a feng shui tool.
  • Starseed Prenatal Bonding Journey: For expectant couples or for couples preparing to conceive you will be supported in deepening your connection to your baby, strengthen your bond with your partner and embrace pregnancy from a holistic and spiritual perspective.
  • AND….last but not least, our Open House! We look forward to sharing all that we have to offer in our healing space. Details to follow!


We are building our community in our cozy office in Leucadia and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the beautiful souls who enter our space. If you’re a healer or feel called to share your energy in our space we’re always open to exploring the possibility of collaborating.


Light and love,