Hey there mama!


Congratulations on your pregnancy!


I’m so happy you’re here


Would you like tools to help you connect to your intuition and inner wisdom?


Would like to build confidence for childbirth and parenting? 


Are you and your partner interested in connecting more deeply with one another before the arrival of your little one?


Great! You’re in the right place.


Parent Ceremonies were created for parents just like you.


I have been there, mama.… uncertain about my transition to motherhood, craving connection, community and a deeper trust in my intuition. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be alone in your feelings. It’s very common to experience a range of emotions about becoming a parent AND there are tools that you can use to help you feel  more grounded and supported.


As human beings, we are wired for connection! We need to feel supported, seen, heard and loved in order to thrive. This is especially true in motherhood and parenting.


This unique offering is designed to honor the sacred rite of passage into parenthood with support from your partner and your community. It is an opportunity for you and your partner to safe and relaxed and access your intuition and wisdom about your needs as a parent. You will have the opportunity to slow down, connect with your community and get closer to the areas in your life that want care and attention now, so that you can feel confident and supported as a parent. 


Did you know……


Rites of passage are said to have three stages; separation, liminality, incorporation. The liminal stage is the in-between stage when a person is “betwixt and between”, they are neither in their previous position nor have they been re-introduced into society. Pregnancy can be seen as a time of liminality,  you are not yet a parent but stand at the threshold of being transformed as an individual and as partners.



This transitional stage can be both disorienting and exciting as one anticipates new possibilities and perspectives. Some cultures would assign an elder to individuals in this stage to act as a mentor during this vulnerable time. 


This is why rites of passage are so important for our community. They provide us with the structure needed to identify and process our feelings while connecting with others who are experiencing similar transitions helping us feel grounded and supported.


Our Parent Ceremony will provide a safe space for you to honor your feelings, gain support from your ancestors or guides, deepen your connection with your partner and step into parenthood with greater confidence.


Interested in learning more?


Here’s what you can expect from a Parent Ceremony.


We hold the ceremonies in person in San Diego. This ceremony is specifically for partnered couples at any stage of pregnancy (more ceremonies for all families coming soon!). We will start with a grounding meditation, you will learn a simple a practice to help you feel safe and supported. There will be an intention setting and release ceremony, journaling, and guided visualization. You and your partner will have time to create wishes for your baby and you will be encouraged to identify and share each other’s strengths as parents. We will end the evening with a closing ceremony and a celebratory feast of nurturing foods. You will have time to connect with other participants and expand your village of support.


Go home feeling nourished, confident and supported.




Choose between our Community Ceremony with other pregnant couples or design your own intimate ceremony with just you and your partner.


  • Community Ceremony: $100.00
  • Private Ceremony: $250.00



Your guides Becky and Gina