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The celebration of International Women’s Day inspired me to create this gathering. In this circle we will explore the quality of the relationships we have with the women in our life as well as our personal relationship to the divine feminine energy within us. It’s about healing our motherhood wounds, our sisterhood wounds. The wounds that keep us so separate, pitted against each other, fearful to ask for help, fearful of rejection, fearful to be too successful, too loud, too big. And then we step into motherhood with “I got this” attitude at a time when we need connection the most. We’re rushed into motherhood without our village, we’re exhausted caring for our newborn and trying to reconcile with the new version of our self. We’ve got no time or energy to find our village. We struggle with this innate need to connect and this societal expectation to bounce back, be strong and independent which just pushes us further and further apart from each other.


Join me for our next women’s circle where we will come together in a safe space to honor our wounds, share what needs to be seen, and release what we’re ready to let go of or transmute. We will hold space for each other in the most gentle, loving way. You will feel heard, validated, and most importantly you will connect with other women face to face. I do believe that through mindful and compassionate dialogue we can begin to heal, together.Your village is waiting for you.


I want this circle to be accessible to many so this will be a donation based gathering. This circle is for all women at any stage of their life. Suggested donation is $20.00.



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