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Read more about this unique and healing workshop led by Nina Ketscher, MA, PPNE. Click HERE for more information and to reserve your spot!

“The Womb Chakra Process is relevant and essential for both men and women – for each one of us has a Womb Chakra linking us directly to our mother, and to her mother, generationally all the way to our soul was created, in the Divine Mother’s womb.

When your Womb Chakra is disturbed you may behave and act through doubts, jealousy, and anger. You might be driven by your fears and unhealthy desires, which can create more negative circumstances in your life.

The Womb Chakra Process teaches you to use the creation energy hidden in your Womb Chakra in a positive way.

Everyone Can Experience More Peace and Happiness, Leading to Relationships that Create Joy, Fulfillment, and Deep Healing.”

-Nina Ketscher